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Stop the Human Rights Violations resulting from the Immigration Bureau's Reporting System

On February 16, 2004 the Immigration Bureau of the Justice Ministry started a system whereby people can send in information about illegal residents via the Bureau's web site.

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The web site asks people to send in by email the following information about illegal migrants: nationality, names, nicknames, work places, where they work, where they have been seen, etc.

This clearly violates articles two and four of the Treaty to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination which Japan ratified in December, 1995. It not only fosters prejudice and discrimination against people from other countries, but also encourages surveillance by ordinary people.

Human rights groups and groups supporting foreign people in Japan have come together as the 'Network to Stop Informing by Email' and started a campaign to have this system abolished.

Because similar systems have been set up before in various countries, and because human rights have been violated as a result, we are inviting people and groups overseas to support our campaign to abolish this system.




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