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Recent News from Japanese Labor Movement




April 25, 2005, 107 passengers died from terrible train crash. Railway unions suggested the crash was the result of the privatization of National Railway and the accident had been forseen by workers.



Corporate Secret Police "Toshiba OogiKai" to dominate employees of Toshiba Corp (Japan), an UN Global Compact member is against Human Right.



The City of Akishima in the suburb of Tokyo has proposed total commission of garbage collection and the civic hall management to private sectors. However, Jichiro, the All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union and the Akishima City Workers' Union held a rally in front of the city hall for the withdrawal of the commission. The city aims at shifting the public services to more “cost efficient” private sectors. The unions are thoroughly opposing such a move, claiming that the shift will cause not only an employment problem but also a decline in quality of public services.



A demonstration with sounds was held in Shibuya, central Tokyo on 22 February, 2004. Many youths joined it in response to the slogan “Down With the Dispatch of the Forces! Up With Music!!” with massive hip-hop sounds. The riot police were mobilized against the demonstration but overwhelmed by the active youngsters.



On 20 February, a transport ship "Osumi" of the Maritime Self Defense Force departed from Muroran Port, Hokkaido, for Kuwait with vehicles and equipments loaded for use in Iraq, together with its escort ship "Murasame". On the same day, another transport ship "Nemuro" also left the port for Kuwait. It is the first time in the history of the Self Defense Forces that all of them, Ground, Maritime and Air, are dispatched overseas together. In opposition to such a move, 100 dockworkers gathered from all around Japan in the city for the "Action in Muroran: Don't Dispatch the SDF to Battlefield! Don't Use a Port for Military Purposes!" on 17 and 18 February in snowy weather.



20th, Mar., people say "No!" to the war in more than 100 cities in Japan. The most biggest event was held at Hibiya Park, Tokyo. Though it was cold spring rain in Tokyo, about 30,000 people had gathered at the park. See pictures ->



3rd Mar, 2004, strikers from Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York made fantastic demonstration with Japanese supporters. They shouted "Oyster Bar ni haira naide kudasai! (Don't eat at the Oyster Bar)" to the passengers in the front of the Oyster Bar's first franchise in Tokyo.



No to Unfair Suppression of Activities Against the War on Iraq! We Never Stop Our Appeal Against Their Dispatch to SDF Personnels! In an early morning on 27 February, 2004, we Tachikawa SDF Watching TentVillage was totally suppressed due to our "opposition against the war onIraq". Three were arrested, and six locations such as our office andprovate houses were raided. This is a serious damage against a smallgrass-roots organisation against war.